Fragile House (NSDF)

NSDF Lab, The Curve (2024)

Having had a reading at The Space, been shortlisted by Traverse Theatre and longlisted for BOLD Playwrights, Fragile House is now on its feet in a fresh, new way!

In something of a theatrical relay, our wonderful cast took turns playing Alma and Michael in an experimental exploration of selected scenes from the play, showcased at the National Student Drama Festival at The Curve, Leicester, in April 2024.

About the play…

“You’re so young. You’ll see one day. We’re all just alone.”

Alma is a jazz singer. She’s sweet-natured but self-destructive, haunted by failed relationships, and she just needs to get through this residency.

Michael is the young saxophonist in her house band. He makes model houses out of matchsticks.

Thrown together in a shared dressing room every week, their initial reluctance gives way to mutual curiosity. What will they discover about themselves and each other, and will they be able to forget when it’s all over?

Fragile House is a story about the fragility of human connection which explores the bizarre position that failed starlets are put in, plus the power that negative labels can have to become self-fulfilling prophecies, inspired by outsiders and misfits.

WRITER - Kayleigh Mai Hinsley
ALMA/MICHAEL - Alice Malyon
ALMA/MICHAEL - Margherita Mainetti
ALMA/MICHAEL - Marta Fossati

With direction from Nathan Powell

A poster for Fragile House featuring the NSDF logo and Curve logo. A wine glass is on its side and a small matchstick house is aflame.