Moth Play: Part One

Beyond Face, Exeter Phoenix (2022)

A metaphorical exploration of structural discrimination. The first in a trilogy of moth plays.

Stuck in a forgotten light trap, one moth can do nothing but wait for the inevitable. Having grudgingly accepted their fate, the arrival of a second moth – who, upon learning of this impending doom, is intent on escape – irritates them intensely. Can they be convinced to get out? Is escape even possible?

Moth Play: Part One was first performed at Beyond Face’s New Writing Night at Exeter Phoenix on June 16th 2022. The script was later shortlisted into the top 12% of submissions for the Royal Court Introduction to Playwriting Groups 2022-23.

WRITER - Kayleigh Mai Hinsley
DIRECTOR - Alix Harris
MOTH A - Karen Marian
MOTH B - Emile Clarke

Karen, a black woman wearing dark clothes who is playing Moth A, is sitting on the floor of the stage. She is looking out towards the audience. Emile, playing Moth B, is pointing at something on the floor in disgust. Karen, playing Moth A, is sitting on the floor in the shadows. Emile (Moth B) and Karen (Moth A) are throwing themselves at a beam of light made by a spotlight. Karen is in the air mid-jump and Emile is just about to leap — he has an expression of effort on his face. Karen is sitting on the floor and Emile is standing near her, looking up as if towards the sky. Emile and Karen are sitting side by side on the floor with their shoulders touching. They are both looking up as if towards the sky beyond the light trap.