Wave Machine (Extract)

The Writers’ Corner, Online (2021)

Frustration bubbles over and Edie makes a snap decision to embark on her own adventure in this extract from a work-in-progress play exploring female friendship, motherhood and ageing.

Wave Machine was showcased at Winnie Arhin’s The Writers’ Corner Scratch Night No.4 in November 2021.

WRITER - Kayleigh Mai Hinsley
EDIE - Meryl Griffiths
PRODUCER - Winnie Arhin

A promotional image for Wave Machine. Meryl, an older white woman with short grey hair wearing a white top, is looking off to the right. Over the image is some white text which reads: Wave Machine, written by Kayleigh Mai Hinsley, performed by Meryl Griffiths. In the bottom corner is a logo which reads: The Writers’ Corner, created by Winnie Arhin.