a ghost play for xmas

Honey Theatre, Blue Elephant Theatre (2023)

At their office Christmas party, a team of ghosts responsible for festive hauntings are feeling dejected — they have failed to induce enough revelatory epiphanies in misers this year and their most recent attempt has proved particularly disappointing, leading to dissent among the ranks.

Inspired by A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, a ghost play for xmas 👻 was written on Honey Theatre’s Winter Writers Workshop and performed on Sunday 26th November as part of their Winter Writers Showcase at Blue Elephant Theatre.

WRITER - Kayleigh Mai Hinsley
DIRECTOR - Ilayda McIntosh
MARLI - Eve Cong
NICK - William Barnor
NORA - Rachel Craig
PHILLIP - Adam Wadge


This was about the writers, and if the audience’s response was anything to go by, it was a success for all of them. The place was packed.

William Barnor’s Nick was funny, and Adam Wadge’s Phillip was a Lurch-like something straight out of the Addams Family.

— London Pub Theatres

An actor wearing a white sheet, like a ghost, stands on stage. A group of actors and writers pose for a photo onstage.