Dramaturgy and script reading

If you’re looking for script feedback and/or more long term support with your play, I’d be happy to help!

I focus on providing kind, constructive and actionable feedback through asking questions about a piece and the writer’s goals, sharing thoughts and observations, and coming up with ideas collaboratively.

I can also provide support with writing applications or pitches when it comes to sending your idea out into the world!

I particularly enjoy empowering, female-driven narratives as well as stories that balance humour and darkness. I also have a First Class degree in Criminal Justice and Criminology, so I’d love to work on crime dramas or scripts with a criminological or sociological element too!

I run my dramaturgy and script reading service through my Ko-fi page — you can book a slot there directly and send me your script via email. If you’re short on funds right now, don’t hesitate to use my pay-what-you-can, donation-based option!

Alternatively, you can get in touch with me via email to start a conversation about your piece!

Thank you Kayleigh for being such a wonderful dramaturg. I’m so grateful to have worked with Kayleigh. She is a highly skilled dramaturg. Kayleigh is encouraging and positively curious with her analysis of my scripts. She asks me inspiring questions about my characters that I hadn’t thought of myself. I’m so impressed with her phenomenal memory and she remembers my dialogue more than I do. She is my go to dramaturg.

Frances Ruffelle

Kayleigh’s dramaturgical support was really helpful in the process of writing my play. I’ve always felt at ease with her notes and really value the feedback she’s given me - her approach is kind and warm-hearted while still critical enough to power the next draft forward. I would whole-heartedly recommend Kayleigh as a dramaturg!

Dan Scott

I had the privilege of receiving dramaturgical support from Kayleigh and it was invaluable to the development of my play and writing practice. I found her feedback spot on; she has an understanding of story, plot and character that is deeply insightful. I thoroughly recommend her services to any writer. Regardless of what stage of development, I have no doubt Kayleigh will provide valuable feedback which will elevate any project.

Celeste Engel

Kayleigh’s feedback was very insightful and clear. She helped me to discover the parts in my play that needed further exploration but also the ones that were strong and work. All with kindness, respect and from a positive perspective that felt very motivating. I truly recommend her.

Héctor Manchego

Kayleigh Mai Hinsley’s passion, enthusiasm, and engagement with the dramaturgical process comes across in her thorough response to new work. The balance between encouragement and praise of the work — whilst at the same time locating precisely where the work needs further development is held in good balance. She can celebrate and enthuse about strengths or moments that work effectively — whilst pinpointing where the work needs further development, clarity or a rethink. She backs up her comments in specific terms and there’s nothing generalised or vague. Her process is mostly about asking good questions and opening up further possibilities for the playwright. I was impressed by her annotations and comments on the returned script itself — as they allowed me to sense how an audience/reader responds to certain beats or lines. Very useful! Her notes to my play The Whisper were so precise, clear and helpful that I was able to redraft in a matter of days. I will certainly trust Kayleigh with any new plays in the future.

Carl Caulfield

I discovered Kayleigh when she posted on a playwriting social media group I am a member of and immediately thought her idea of pay-what-you-can dramaturgy was an excellent opportunity. She was extremely easy to communicate with and I was very impressed with the feedback I received. I sent her one of my plays and she provided me with a detailed annotated version back (complete with insights, praise, clarifications and her overall views). As well as an annotated version of my play, she also sent over a full-page document breaking down her main areas of discussion and suggesting areas for further consideration and bespoke feedback based upon questions and areas I asked her to look at for me. I will be using her dramaturgy services again and I found her feedback useful, fair and timely. What more can you ask for?

Tom Roberts