I will never be warm again.

False Start Productions, Online (2021)

An interactive collection of poetic writing responses accompanied by original music, created as part of returning (the act of), a digital serial by False Start Productions.

View the returning (the act of) zine

Words by Kayleigh Mai Hinsley and Cat Johnston, with music by Elliot Hetherton, created in response to prose by Marnie Russell and produced by False Start Productions.

The returning (the act of) serial received the Digital Award, supported by The Lyceum, at Framework Theatre’s Scottish Emerging Theatre Awards 2021.

A poster which reads: A collection of piercingly fresh poetry from Kayleigh Mai Hinsley and Cat Johnston accompanied by Elliot Hetheron’s original music. Johnston’s writing drenches the reader’s imagination with different senses, while Hinsley’s poetry is filled with tender, bubble-like recollections of childhood. Together, their words fluctuate between tunnelling into the fogginess of the past and encapsulating the present with a terse vividness. Read the words aloud to Hetherton’s ethereal score for the full experience.